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The administration and staff would like to welcome back all the students and parents of St. Gregory Catholic School and would like to extend a warm welcome to all of those who are new to our community. We are excited to start this year and we thank you for the opportunity to serve and teach the students and families of this community.

St. Gregory Catholic School opened its doors in 2003 and is modeled after the life of Saint Gregory who is the patron saint of both teachers and students. We are inspired by the words of Saint Gregory which lead us in our daily actions here at school; “The proof of love is in the works. Where love exists, it works great things. But when it ceases to act, it ceases to exist."

Our faith is like a house. We build our junior kindergarten, senior kindergarten, and grade 1 through grade 4 house of faith​ on a strong foundation; one that requires us to be diligent in our practices, as Christians, to weather all storms. The foundation of our faith is the Word of God and we cannot build a great faith life without God's guidance and loving care.

This school is filled with dedicated, passionate staff members who love what they do and are committed to serving your children with excellence and with love.

If you are just visiting our website and considering St. Gregory Catholic School for your children, we invite you to see for yourself what makes this school so special. I am confident you will like what you see.

Yours in Christ,

Dan Burkinshaw


Evergreen Catholic School Division is committed to having a Counsellor in every school. St. Gregory Catholic school's counsellor is Caroline McDonald. Her work as an integral part of the Student Services team, which includes the Inclusive Education Coordinator and the school administrators, to implement many important supports for Evergreen students.

Please contact our school for more information about counselling services and programs offered at the school.

St. Gregory Catholic School offers a variety of student activities.  We hope that each of our students will find an area of interest to become more involved in our school community.  Some programs require additional funding and students may be required to make a monetary contribution.  However, we always strive to keep student costs at a minimum.  If a family cannot meet the financial needs of paying activity participation fees, special arrangements may be considered by contacting the school administrators.

Evergreen Catholic School Division is committed to providing each school site with an Inclusive Education Coordinator.  St. Gregory Catholic school's Inclusive Education Coordinator is Cathy Stonehouse. The mission of this role is to ensure that all students have the supports and accommodations they require in order to successfully achieve their full potential. Collaborating with parents, teachers, counsellors, administration, and outside agencies, students may be supported in a variety of ways.

Please contact our school for more information about inclusion and programs offered at the school.

St. Gregory Catholic school respectfully acknowledges the vibrant history and culture of Indigenous nations in Canada. We continually seek to learn the traditions and contributions of the Indigenous nations of Alberta while committing to moving forward in friendship and collaboration. We also recognize the land, upon which Evergreen Catholic Schools resides, is home for our closest neighbours, the Cree and the Nakoda. This territory, known as Treaty 6, is also home to the Métis Nation and many other Indigenous groups. We honor and acknowledge the unique story of this land and continue to work towards strengthening relations with Indigenous communities.

Etienna Moostoos-Lafferty is the Division Indigenous Education Coach and supports teachers, administrators, and division office staff in their commitment to the Truth and Reconciliation's Calls to Action (2015). Through her guidance and support, Etienna leads in the development of staff by:


  • Obtaining practical strategies and materials for the full integration of Indigenous perspectives into each classroom
  • Offering approaches for teaching Indigenous learners and working with Indigenous families
  • Making connections to Elders, cultural instructors, and other resource people for authentic learning experiences
  • Promoting further understanding of treaties and agreements negotiated with First Nations and the Métis in Canada
  • Providing opportunities to learn about residential schools and their legacy
  • Building on existing awareness of historical, social, economic, and political realities of Indigenous individuals/nations 
  • Participating in whole schools events that foster understanding and respect for Indigenous cultures, languages, and histories.
  • Supporting staff in the attainment of school resources
  • Broadening current practice to include pedagogy that is consistent with Indigenous ways of learning and knowing.


At St. Gregory Catholic school, Amber Langille is our Indigenous lead teacher and she meets with other lead teachers once a month to further learning and build confidence in a variety of foundational knowledge areas.  

Through capacity building within school communities and enabling all school staff to embark on this journey, the positive effects will be felt in our hearts, minds, spirits, and happily in our classrooms. Through this commitment, the students of St. Gregory Catholic school will become the new co-creators of a promising future for all. 


land acknowledgement

St. Gregory Catholic school provides Catholic Education to all students.   The celebration of our faith is a vital part of our school community and is infused throughout our classrooms.  To learn more about “What to expect in a Catholic school” please visit the FAQ page.

Educational practices that are flexible and responsive to the strengths and needs of individual students can create learning experiences that ensure all students are reaching their potential. St. Gregory Catholic School offers various programs and opportunities for students to increase academic knowledge and strengthen skills in both core and elective courses.

Violence Threat Risk Assessment Protocol - Promoting Safe Communities

The safety of our students is a top priority for us all. Children and youth increasingly face many difficult situations and challenges in their lives. When they lack the ability to resolve these problems, high risk behaviour can sometimes occur. We believe there is a shared community responsibility to respond and support our students. As a school division, and in cooperation with local school divisions, government, RCMP and community partners, we have completed intensive safety training through the Canadian Centre for Threat Assessment and Trauma Response.

Together, we have also developed a prevention and intervention protocol for responding to situations in which students may be posing a threat to themselves or others. Our goal is to promote safe schools and communities and respond to threats in a proactive manner that provides for a healthy and caring learning environment. We are proud to be able to provide this level of support to our school communities and are most fortunate to have our community partners at our side.

Additional information is available through the Fair Notice warning letter and information brochures provided.​

St. Gregory the Great, a music lover and patron saint of teachers, was pope from 590-604 A.D. He is a Doctor of the Church and Gregorian chant (plainchant), the traditional chant of the Catholic Church, takes its name from him. ​ ​​