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Support For Publicly Funded Catholic Education

Your Evergreen Catholic Schools Board of Trustees is committed to advocating for publicly funded Catholic education in the province of Alberta. This will ensure that our children and future generations are blessed with the gift of growing, learning, and living in Christ within our schools, rooted in our Catholic faith.  
Alberta’s next provincial election is scheduled for Monday, May 29, 2023.  As each of you prepare to vote, we would like to share an advocacy postcard that might assist you in opening up a conversation with your candidates on the issues of importance to your child’s education.  It is very important that all political candidates and their parties understand the value that our families, their electorate, place on publicly funded Catholic education!   Please see the attached postcard which includes these questions.  
Thank you for your continued support of publicly funded Catholic education and for your help in ensuring this gift is a continued part of Alberta’s future. 
A printable version of this postcard is attached below:
Election Postcard Front
Election Postcard Page 2