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Virtual School Tour

To help you learn about what our school has to offer, please check out our virtual school tour. Please email the school for further information.

The Brief Project:

A collaborative partnership between Evergreen Catholic Schools and Catholic Social Services

Maplewood/ConnectEd Downtime

The company Edsembli who manages our Maplewood/ConnectEd service recently had a software security concern whereby malware/ransomware infected some of their servers. As a precaution Edsembli is moving the data to a cloud infrastructure. Performing this data migration is the reason why our Maplewood/ConnectEd services are currently offline. We have been informed that our data has not been compromised and remains secure. We are continuing to monitor the situation very closely. The information provided to us by Edsembli is that they anticipate restoring services to individual schools and school boards over a three-day period, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week.
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